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Ed Askew

I found a copy of Ed Askew's first album "Ask The Unicorn" from the store i work couple weeks ago. It wasn't cheap but well worth of the price. Just wanted to give everyone a clue about this great songwriter. You can read more about Ed Askew here.

Ed Askew 1986..

Ed Askew and Joshua Burkett, January 5th, 2008 @ Ecstatic Yod, Florence, MA..

What happened to Ed Askew..

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Future Sound

November Top 9

Non Person:

1. Airhead - Paper Street
God damn, I say.

2. Shlohmo - Live at Calling All Kids
With mixes and podcasts coming from every direction, the best ones stand out even more. (Kinda like this mix Shuttle 358 did for Type Radio about seven years ago. I still listen to it.)

3. Balam Acab - See the Birds (Moon)

4. Kingdom - Pang
For a good moment of fun, mix into Scuba - Poppies (Substance dub) after this one.

5. Teeth - 19éme
Good to see the universe lining up for a good friend. This is an older melodic Teeth tune.

6. SBTRKT & Sampha - Evening Glow

7. Sigha

8. Teebs

9. Non Person - Too Late
You know how every tune you make feels like your best when you're making it?


November Top 10


Amen-Ra - Simple Things
Mala - Enter Dimensions
Lurka - Return
Late - Signals
Low Density Matter - Away
James Blake - Limit To Your Love
V.I.V.E.K - Diablo
Jamie Woon - Night Air (Ramadanman Refix)
Airhead - Empty 9-Volts Album
Teeth - SW

Bonus Beat..

Domo Genesis - Clear Eyes

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I used to sell, mixtapes.. PT3

Plankton - My Groundhog Day (mixtape, 2001)

Tracklist soon come.

Liner notes:

"This tape is about an unhappy day that i was going through over and over again for way too long.
Now it's all better, but still i get drawn back to that same day at times.
Naturally this all was put to a start by a girl.
A very special one that is."

Download links:



This is my second (or third?) mixtape . If i remember right i recorded it with 4-track so sound quality is real crappy. Sorry about that.

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HI022/Oh Boy : Nabo - Rock Solid Goldmine EP

Don't know how if forgot to do a post about this but here it is. We made a remix for our good friend Nabo from Copenhagen for his ep on Hobby Industries. You can listen the whole ep here. Support wonderful music of Nabo and Hobby Industries.

Boomkat review...

Hobby Industries follow the excellent Aslope Ep with three tracks of screwed and squashed low-end variants from Nabo, including a lovely remix from Clouds. 'Neigh' introduces his style with a slumped James Blake/Dilla-esque structure and wickedly warped, off-key melodies somewhere between the Beat Dimensions and Skweee aesthetics. 'Parkinlot Pimp' takes the off-kilter melodies one step further with slow and crooked synth calculations in a Zomby or Rustie fashion for the smokers, while 'Rock Solid' dices guitar and theremin-like sounds on an ultra slow flow akin to Kaman Leung. Clouds complete the set with a mist of bleeps and woozy electronics anchored with weighty sub drones, weirder and darker than we've heard from them before. Recommended!

Listen to Nabo

I used to sell, mixtapes.. PT2

Plankton - I Like B-Sides (mixtape, 2004)

Subtitle - Smoke Is Smoke
Sach ft. Zagu Brown - Illustrations
Awol One - Little Piece Of Heaven
Volume 10 - Sho Is Hype
Abstract Rude - Inside Your Eyes
Zagu Brown - State Of Mind
Mum - Please Sing My Spring Reverb (B.Fleischmann Remix)
Awol One - Permanent Paradice
Moldy Peaches - Nothing Came Out

Young Joseph - Exclusive
The Nonce - The Sight Of Things
Anti-Party People - Dusty Dreams Anthem
Freestyle Fellowship - Everything's Everything
Axeom - Vibrations
Massive Attack - Tear Drop
Anti-Party People - Fuck Up The Sound
Orko Eloheem - I Like B-Sides

Download links:




I made this one for the tour i did with Orko Eloheem (Masters Of The Universe, GPAC, NME) back in 2004. It was a Cd-r but i made the mix in two parts like it would be cassette.. i'm still stuck on that format. Some the songs are from low-fi four-track tapes so not much mixing on this one. There is also a few exclusive songs with Joe Dub(SFSM), Orko Tha Sycotik Alien and Anti-Party people.

Tour with Orko was proper DIY. Five people in small car for over three weeks. One of the highlights for me was to dj for NME (Orko and Bigg Jus) in Paris. I got to drop instrumental of "8 steps to perfection" for Bigg Jus. Goose bump moment. Fun times.

Starsystem Blacktica tour...

ORKO ELOHEEM - Starsystem Blacktica European Tour from anti-party music on Vimeo.

James Blake - Limit To Your Love

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Darkstar : Gold

I used to sell, mixtapes.. PT1

Plankton - Abyss (mixtape, 1998)


Treep - Abysmal Deeps
Futureshock - Timekeeper
Grouch, The - Giventake
Turntable Terranova - Misteries
Commonwealth - No Worries
Little Aida - Times Not Leaving
Aesop - How Could I Ever
Stanley Clarke - Yesterdays Princess
Abstract Rude - Yesterday And Today
Volume 10 - First Born
Iwere - Deep In The Abyss

Plankton - Abyss (mixtape, 1998) Side A by CLOUDS


PSC - Tamika
Eligh w/ Grouch, The , Mystik Journeymen - Wasteful Thinking
Portishead - It Could Be Sweet
Mixedpractice - Untitled
Emanon - Outside Looking In
Swollen Members - Consumption
Eclipse 427 - Mr. Melanin
Bored Stiff - Peaceful Rotation '92

Plankton - Abyss (mixtape, 1998) Side B by CLOUDS

I made this tape back in 1998 and it's the first mixtape i ever made. I still quite like it.

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Hotflush Podcast 08

African Head Charge - Over The Sky
King Midas Sound - Earth A Killya
Cyrus - Alone
Cyrus - Underworld
Late - Future That Used To Be
Peverelist - Bluez
Late - Forgotten Fire
RRKK - In-Thru' U
Geiom - Boxes That Go Beep
Mala - Explorer
Low Density Matter - Definitions
Spectre - Alamut
Gonjasufi - Ageing
Nabo - Neighbour (Clouds Remix)
Mount Kimbie - Maybes (James Blake Remix)
Ikonika - Idiot
Clouds - Lot Of Calls From No One
African Head Charge - Language & Mentality


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Sonic Router Mix & Interview: Non Person

Read my interview and download the mix at
Sonic Router.


Mix tracklist:

01. Ponytail & Lotta-liina - Hot Slow (Unreleased)
02. Nosaj Thing - Voices (Alpha Pup)
03. Non Person - Similar Snowflakes (forthcoming Channel Zero)
04. Mesak - Virgins of Bergen (Harmönia)
05. Coco Bryce - Ghetto Freaks (Harmönia)
06. 1000names - Saturn Race (Team Acre)
07. Flying Lotus - I Feel Like Dying (CDR)
08. Clouds - Four Hands (Unreleased)
09. Kuedo - Glow (forthcoming Planet Mu)
10. Non Person - Presenser (forthcoming Channel Zero)
11. Asylum Seekas - Magic Words [TMU Remix] (Unreleased)
12. Brandy - FMF Bootleg (forthcoming Erca Mysteries)
13. Eskmo - Let Them Sing (Planet Mu)
14. Late - Secret Paths (Unreleased)
15. Pangaea - Router (Jkrl Remix) (Unreleased)
16. Eternal Golden Void - Witch Finder (Metatronix)

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Protecting Hands remixes...

Geiom and Isan remixes out soon!

perjantai 12. helmikuuta 2010

Clouds (live) @ CTM09, Berlin


Non Person - Presenser / Mi Empress (ZER-002)

Release date: March 15th, 2010

Distributed by ST Holdings

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Daniel Johnston, Jeffrey Lewis and Bob Wayne...

The Black Cab sessions with Daniel Johnston... Legend!

One of my favorite artists from the anti folk scene.

Fuck the law!

Shackleton instore @ Rooted, Bristol 2007

I stumbled upon this video on youtube yesterday. I think i saw it first time a couple of years ago but it still feels really special. There is something about old Skull Disco sound that gets me every time.

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Mount Kimbie and James Blake

Mount Kimbie and James Blake @ Dausteg, Oslo 9/09

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Era of black holes part 2 Video

Clouds: Era of the black holes part 2 (Video edit)
Video by

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