perjantai 1. lokakuuta 2010

I used to sell, mixtapes.. PT1

Plankton - Abyss (mixtape, 1998)


Treep - Abysmal Deeps
Futureshock - Timekeeper
Grouch, The - Giventake
Turntable Terranova - Misteries
Commonwealth - No Worries
Little Aida - Times Not Leaving
Aesop - How Could I Ever
Stanley Clarke - Yesterdays Princess
Abstract Rude - Yesterday And Today
Volume 10 - First Born
Iwere - Deep In The Abyss

Plankton - Abyss (mixtape, 1998) Side A by CLOUDS


PSC - Tamika
Eligh w/ Grouch, The , Mystik Journeymen - Wasteful Thinking
Portishead - It Could Be Sweet
Mixedpractice - Untitled
Emanon - Outside Looking In
Swollen Members - Consumption
Eclipse 427 - Mr. Melanin
Bored Stiff - Peaceful Rotation '92

Plankton - Abyss (mixtape, 1998) Side B by CLOUDS

I made this tape back in 1998 and it's the first mixtape i ever made. I still quite like it.

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  1. I regard Abyss as one of the best Finnish mixtapes ever, and it's definetely my favourite of all Planktons mixtapes. Big up!

  2. damn!! can you please put this back up?!