keskiviikko 13. lokakuuta 2010

HI022/Oh Boy : Nabo - Rock Solid Goldmine EP

Don't know how if forgot to do a post about this but here it is. We made a remix for our good friend Nabo from Copenhagen for his ep on Hobby Industries. You can listen the whole ep here. Support wonderful music of Nabo and Hobby Industries.

Boomkat review...

Hobby Industries follow the excellent Aslope Ep with three tracks of screwed and squashed low-end variants from Nabo, including a lovely remix from Clouds. 'Neigh' introduces his style with a slumped James Blake/Dilla-esque structure and wickedly warped, off-key melodies somewhere between the Beat Dimensions and Skweee aesthetics. 'Parkinlot Pimp' takes the off-kilter melodies one step further with slow and crooked synth calculations in a Zomby or Rustie fashion for the smokers, while 'Rock Solid' dices guitar and theremin-like sounds on an ultra slow flow akin to Kaman Leung. Clouds complete the set with a mist of bleeps and woozy electronics anchored with weighty sub drones, weirder and darker than we've heard from them before. Recommended!

Listen to Nabo

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