torstai 11. marraskuuta 2010

November Top 9

Non Person:

1. Airhead - Paper Street
God damn, I say.

2. Shlohmo - Live at Calling All Kids
With mixes and podcasts coming from every direction, the best ones stand out even more. (Kinda like this mix Shuttle 358 did for Type Radio about seven years ago. I still listen to it.)

3. Balam Acab - See the Birds (Moon)

4. Kingdom - Pang
For a good moment of fun, mix into Scuba - Poppies (Substance dub) after this one.

5. Teeth - 19éme
Good to see the universe lining up for a good friend. This is an older melodic Teeth tune.

6. SBTRKT & Sampha - Evening Glow

7. Sigha

8. Teebs

9. Non Person - Too Late
You know how every tune you make feels like your best when you're making it?

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