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I used to sell, mixtapes.. PT2

Plankton - I Like B-Sides (mixtape, 2004)

Subtitle - Smoke Is Smoke
Sach ft. Zagu Brown - Illustrations
Awol One - Little Piece Of Heaven
Volume 10 - Sho Is Hype
Abstract Rude - Inside Your Eyes
Zagu Brown - State Of Mind
Mum - Please Sing My Spring Reverb (B.Fleischmann Remix)
Awol One - Permanent Paradice
Moldy Peaches - Nothing Came Out

Young Joseph - Exclusive
The Nonce - The Sight Of Things
Anti-Party People - Dusty Dreams Anthem
Freestyle Fellowship - Everything's Everything
Axeom - Vibrations
Massive Attack - Tear Drop
Anti-Party People - Fuck Up The Sound
Orko Eloheem - I Like B-Sides

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I made this one for the tour i did with Orko Eloheem (Masters Of The Universe, GPAC, NME) back in 2004. It was a Cd-r but i made the mix in two parts like it would be cassette.. i'm still stuck on that format. Some the songs are from low-fi four-track tapes so not much mixing on this one. There is also a few exclusive songs with Joe Dub(SFSM), Orko Tha Sycotik Alien and Anti-Party people.

Tour with Orko was proper DIY. Five people in small car for over three weeks. One of the highlights for me was to dj for NME (Orko and Bigg Jus) in Paris. I got to drop instrumental of "8 steps to perfection" for Bigg Jus. Goose bump moment. Fun times.

Starsystem Blacktica tour...

ORKO ELOHEEM - Starsystem Blacktica European Tour from anti-party music on Vimeo.

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